Thanks for visiting Profiles in Learning!

My name is Anthony Meals. I am a Kansas raised native, married to a marvelous farmer who helps feed our world, and I am lastly a passionate learner!

Initially, when I started in this journey, my blog was entitled, pro doctrina ~ for learning. As the first six months of blogging went by and my blog grew, it became time to transition to a new space that better articulated the forces shaping my journey of learning.

This site, Profiles in Learning, seeks to propagate the idea that our world can and must be seen from many perspectives. The greatest barrier facing us in education and society as a whole is our unwillingness to see our challenges through these limitless and diverse paradigms.

By highlighting through personal reflective experiences and reaching into the lives of past learners, my hope is to equip us with the visions necessary to guide ourselves and this forthcoming generation in enacting profound, positive social change.